Stefanutti Stocks’ capabilities within the Oil & Gas Discipline include the fabrication, construction and maintenance of process plants across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

We offer the Industrial, Oil & Gas sector a construction solution through to commissioning, as well as a single-point responsibility that eliminates traditional inter-discipline co-ordination.

Our decades of experience in the sector, combined with our broad spectrum of expertise within our multidisciplinary group supports our ability to deliver world-class petrochemical construction projects. We own and operate a full range of construction equipment and manage our own logistics to support efficient project execution.

excellence in execution

We recently completed Transnet’s SAPREF R Tanks, in joint venture between Stefanutti Stocks Oil & Gas and JV tanks South Africa. This project included the welding of two 36-metre diameter, 20-metre-high storage tanks, the assembly of the tanks’ aluminium dome roofs, internal floating roof, hydrotest and all painting up to final coat. The civil apron and finishing works were included in the scope.

In 2021 Stefanutti Stocks also completed Astron Energy’s Crude Flex Project in Cape Town. This project encompassed the installation of interconnecting piping systems between multiple tanks across the refinery, including all mechanical, piping, civil and electrical and instrumentation work (under permit conditions).

Sasol’s Vessel Replacement project, including the replacement and welding up of three columns, with associated structural and piping installations, was undertaken during a sixty (60) day, 24-hour shutdown.


Pockets of Excellence

Energy Infrastructure: Stefanutti Stocks’ multidisciplinary nature and propensity for focusing on pre-planning supports our ability to deliver world-class energy infrastructure projects.

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Pipe spool fabrication: Stefanutti Stocks’ oil & gas construction projects are supported by our in-house pipe spool fabrication facility that offers a capacity of 50 000 diameter inches per month. Our team of skilled artisans are well versed in the art of pre-fabrication of piping spools.

Our welding processes and procedures are in accordance with ASME B31.1, EN ISO 15614-4, AWS D 1.1 and API 1104 codes. Furthermore, our welding procedures cover most materials including Carbon Steel P1 Group 2, Stainless Steel P8, Chromes, Aluminium, 15 Ni Cu Mo and ASTM A 335 Grade P91.

Oil & Gas Discipline Capabilities

  • Structural steel erection,
  • Mechanical equipment installation,
  • Pipe spool fabrication,
  • Process piping installation,
  • Electrical & Instrumentation supply, installation, and commissioning,
  • Shut down & maintenance,
  • Tank farms and fuel jetties, and
  • Scaffolding, painting, and insulation.
Oxygen Train 17 Completed
Oxygen Train 17
Vessell Replacement
Work Pack 5 & 7

Project portfolio

Please visit our project section, via the below links to view some of our long-term projects:

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Sasol T17 WP03 SMP Works

Stefanutti Stocks’ Oil & Gas Discipline undertook the Sasol T17 WP03 SMP Works project for Air Liquide in Secunda between March 2016 and January 2019.

SSK_PS_SAPREF Oil Gas_ Hero Image

Transnet SAPREF R Tanks Project

Stefanutti Stocks’ Oil & Gas Discipline undertook the Transnet SAPREF R tanks project for SAPREF in Island View between June 2019 to March 2022.