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Sasol T17 WP03 SMP Works

Stefanutti Stocks’ Oil & Gas Discipline undertook the Sasol T17 WP03 SMP Works project for Air Liquide in Secunda between March 2016 and January 2019.

Background: This  Air Liquide Air Separation Plant is the largest oxygen production unit in the world with a capacity of 5 000 ton/day (equivalent to 5 800 ton/day at sea level). The other 14 air plants at Sasol (owned and operated by Sasol) have a capacity of 4000 ton/day. The new plant is owned and operated by Air Liquide as part of its contract to supply oxygen and nitrogen to Sasol.

The Project Scope

The construction scope for the project included the installation of 1 500ton of structural steel, 1 750 ton of mechanical equipment, fabrication of piping spools (116 000 diameter inches) and supports (240 ton), as well as the installation of the piping systems.

The project had several unusual aspects, including the size of the piping, with the largest being 2.85 metres in diameter. As the process lines transfer pure oxygen, they are a potential explosive or a fire risk, therefore the pipes and systems were chemically cleaned to ensure that all grease, oil, dirt, and grit were removed. In addition to the chemical cleaning of the process lines the project scope included scaffolding, insulation, painting, and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Stefanutti Stocks Oil & Gas worked over one million manhours lost time injury free hours, with an onsite peak of over 1000 employees.

Notable quantities

  • 1 500ton structural steel
  • 1 750ton mechanical equipment
  • 116 000 inches pipe fabrication and installations
  • 240ton pipe supports

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