Stefanutti Stocks activities within the Materials Handling Discipline cover all material handling activities in the utility and mining industries.

Our key areas of operation include energy coal processing, discard and fine coal disposal and recovery, coal plant/terrace management, product loading, crushing & screening, coal management/movement, and co-disposal facility management.

In addition to the provision of the above professional mining and engineering services we provide professional personnel, experienced teams, and the requisite plant and equipment that supports smooth and efficient delivery of our premier material handling service.

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Energy Coal Processing

Our energy coal processing capabilities includes the reclamation of discard and fine coal to blend a power station product. This involves the drying and reclaiming of discard and middling to formulate a product that meets required specifications. Our portfolio in this niche mining services area has seen us blend, dry and process more than five-million tons per year. The final product is laboratory tested to verify that it conforms to specifications prior to delivery.

Conventional Materials Handling Services

  • Reclamation of dumps, including:
    • Screening of existing dumps
    • Blending of screened product
    • Placement of final discard
    • Coal slurry / disposal / reclamation
    • Final dump rehabilitation
  • Waste rock dump management,
  • Handling of all terrace coal into bins, trucks, trains, and feed points, and
  • Handling of material from designated dumps and stockpiles.
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