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Heritage Project Profile

Precast Bunkers and Overland Conveyor Foundations

The award-winning mine infrastructure project – the Precast Bunkers and Overland Conveyor Foundations – in Secunda, was undertaken by Stefanutti Stocks’ Civils Discipline for Sandvik Mining and Construction (Pty) Limited between February 2013 and June 2016.

Background: In 2015 the Precast Bunkers and Overland Conveyor Foundations at Shondoni Colliery received a Fulton Award Commendation. The Shondoni precast coal bunker comprises 491 precast panels, the majority of which were placed on the sloping and vertical wall units by rope access teams. This method reduced the installation programme by a third

The Project Scope

The project consisted of the construction of two precast/composite storage bunkers, as well as a 23km overland conveyor system that links the two storage facilities.

The Bunkers

The main bunker, with a storage capacity of 15 000ton and an overflow capacity of 30 000ton, was constructed at the new Shondoni Mine, while the secondary 4 000ton storage bunker was constructed 23km away from the main bunker, within the secondary Sasol area.

The main bunker was constructed using exciting new construction methodologies determined and executed to perfection by Stefanutti Stocks’ site team. The bunker structure was used

to support a 25ton overhead gantry crane that was used to erect some of the precast panels. This new technology/innovation reduced the time spent at heights, thereby minimising the risk of the team members working at heights. The bulk of the project was constructed at ground level with superior quality and the project achieved a Lost Time Injury Frequency of zero.

The overland conveyor consisted of 9 000 mini-piles and 5 700 precast sleepers that were installed on top of the mini piles to support the 23km long structural steel conveyor system.

Notable quantities

  • 25 000m3 concrete
  • 47 000m2 formwork
  • 3 400ton rebar
  • 367 piles, 15m deep
  • 99 500m3 earthworks
  • 6 489 precast units

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