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Premier Project Profile

MSC Durban Passenger Cruise Terminal

This premier transport infrastructure project (encompassing building and marine construction capabilities) and located on Mahatma Gandhi Road in the Port of Durban, was undertaken by Stefanutti Stocks Coastal for KwaZulu Cruise Terminal (Pty) Ltd, between November 2019 and October 2021.

Background: The Durban Passenger Cruise Terminal for MSC Cruises is a unique landmark building that will serve as a new port of entry and departure to Durban, South Africa. The construction contract was awarded to Stefanutti Stocks Coastal: Building, that undertook the construction of the terminal building, the parking area and road widening of Mahatma Gandhi Road. The project also included the quayside modification works which was carried out by Stefanutti Stock’s Civils discipline and included new upgraded bollards suitable for mooring a cruise vessel.

The Project Scope

The Terminal Building:

The 5000m2 parabolically-shaped terminal building is a concrete and steel structure incorporating all components required within a port of entry, including check-in, baggage handling immigration, police services etc. As the first point of contact for passengers embarking on a luxury MSC cruise it is critically important that the building creates the right impression. Finishes are therefore of a very high quality and include birch ceilings and polished concrete.

It took over four months to finalise a steelwork 3D model that achieved the desired look envisioned by the architect, and catered for various trades (roof sheeting, roof cladding, steelwork, and the complicated internal ceiling).

The unique design of this building, with its eye-catching geometrically shaped roof and multi-coloured cladding, came with a multitude of design and construction challenges. In fact, the intricate shape design of the roofing panels and the entire building was unique and a first for most, if not all, contractors working on the project.

The external roof covering consists of a two-part system, incorporating roof sheets (a waterproofing barrier) and a composite structure that supports imported Mineralise Equitone roofing panels. These panels are cut into triangles, and then horizontally and vertically fixed in a set (origami) pattern with fold lines. Both structural steel and roof coverings are constructed in angles to achieve this look.

The unique internal ceilings are constructed from imported birch ply. The boards were cut into custom-sized triangles and installed onto the ceiling grid which followed the shape of the roof structure.

Energy Efficiency

All lights, taps, as well as the HVAC system are energy efficient and controlled by either motion sensors or timer switches. The glass facades comprise energy efficient glass that promotes insulation and cuts out the glare from the sun, while allowing natural light to filter into the building.

Quayside Modification Work

The MSC Durban Terminal Quay Wall Upgrade was undertaken by Stefanutti Stocks’ marine team who undertook the design and construction of the marine infrastructure work which included the replacement of 21 fenders and bollards, the installation of the reinforced concrete dead-man anchor as well as the upgrades Berths A and B.

Notable Quantities

Terminal Building

  • 2700m3 concrete walls, surface beds & slabs
  • 400m3 of Artevia polished concrete topping surface beds
  • 9400m3 paving
  • 8727 external equitone panels
  • 284 ton of steel

Quay Upgrade

  • 3253m3 of excavation
  • 2373m3 of backfill
  • 2370m3 of concrete
  • 955m3 formwork
  • 111ton of reinforcement


Notable Achievements (Terminal Building)

  • Winner of MBSA Regional Safety Competition
  • 500 000 plus LTI free hours

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