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Mercedes Benz South Africa (MBSA)

The Stefanutti Stocks Building Discipline undertook four fast-track turnkey design and build projects (as lead contractor in joint ventures) for Mercedes Benz South Africa (MBSA) in East London, between October 2017 and December 2019.

Background: The key benefits of the turnkey design and build procurement method for MBSA included Stefanutti Stocks taking on a single-point of accountability; the inclusion of all stakeholders in the professional team; the management of risks by those best able to manage specific risks; and a reliable and team-focused work ethic.

The Project Scope

The four projects included:

  1. MBSA Body Shop: A design, supply, and construct contract for a vehicle assembly facility (completed November 2019).
  2. Building 34’s Logistics Building – comprising demolition and removal of an existing building and its infrastructure, and the construction of a new 16 800m2 logistics building and associated infrastructure (completed December 2018).
  3. J-site logistics Building – comprising construction of a new 23 000m2 logistics building with good connectivity for suppliers, a good connection to the assembly plant and a new ‘Gate 2’ entrance with external facilities and parking zones (completed June 2018).
  4. Automated Storage and Retrieval Sorter (ASRS) Building – a ‘small’ (3 000m2) that extends over 31,5m in height (completed November 2019).

The MBSA Bodyshop facility was built to produce the new Mercedes Benz C-Class. The assembly shop has three new lines and various initiatives make the factory more environmentally friendly. Stefanutti Stocks, in joint venture with Axsys Projects and Simunye, designed, and constructed the two-level 45 700m2 factory extension and connection to the existing building. The body shop structure was constructed using large precast elements which included eighty-seven, 14-metre-long 51.5-ton primary beams, and three-hundred-and-twenty-eight, 18-metre-long 32-ton secondary beams.

Highlights and challenges included:

  • The implementation of precast and in-situ concrete for beams and panels supported the project timeline.
  • The design of an access route, that enabled the specialised rigging company (transporting the precast elements access to site) access without needing to pass through the existing plant. All construction access was via this single route into site.
  • The timely installation of the services (HVAC, sprinklers, chill water lines, Pluvia system).
  • A very complex technical specification.
  • The use of BIM technology.

The Building34 Logistics Building project was an extremely fast-track contract as MBSA required partial occupation in October 2018, to start the racking. This turnkey design and construct contract was undertaken by a joint venture consisting of Stefanutti Stocks (lead), Axsys Projects and Botani Construction.

The project entailed the demolition of an existing building on the site (A Site) and the turnkey design and construction of a new 16 800m2 Building 34 Logistics Building, complete with infrastructure. The scope of work included the full design based on MBSA’s technical specification, obtaining the necessary permits and local authority approvals, demolition, bulk earthworks, lateral support, external works, structural steel, cladding, full MEP, and commissioning.

Highlights and challenges included:

  • Demolition of an existing building prior to commencing new construction.
  • Fast track, beneficial occupation after six months, completion in eight months.
  • The existing underground sumps and pits resulted in the mutual decision to leave the existing building floor in place and construct the new floor on top of it.
  • The sprinkler pump station is attached to the building and has brick external walls which are clad with the same sheet as the building’s external cladding.
  • The fully built-up, waterproofed roof sheet system comprises a soffit sheet, insulation, a final sheet and waterproofing.

J-site Logistics Building was undertaken by a joint venture consisting of Stefanutti Stocks (lead), Axsys Projects and Botani Construction. The turnkey design and construct contract for a new 24 500m2 logistics building included an internal single-storey office block, ancillary buildings (a new dry-link to an adjoining building, a guard house, and hawkers’ stalls), parking lots and new entry roads to the plant.

Highlights and challenges included:

  • The ground conditions were challenging, and excessive use of dump-rock provided a solid platform to construct on.
  • A culvert was constructed to divert a stream beneath the logistics building being constructed.
  • The construction contains eight fully functional dock-levellers.
  • The structural steel design had to accommodate a conveyor (linking two buildings) on the roof structure.
  • The successful completion of the J-site Logistics Building created a good foundation for future with MBSA.
  • The JV was presented with an award at the Mercedes Benz/Daimler Supplier Awards in Germany.

The ASRS Building, while being a relatively small building in square metreage (3 000m2) extends to over 31,5 metres in height. The most challenging part of the project was to install a built-up “sandwich cladding” system (comprising a fully built-up, waterproofed roof sheet system that includes a soffit sheet, insulation, a final sheet and waterproofing) on structural steel that was erected by the Client. The three overhead bridges are constructed of structural steel, roof sheeting, soffit sheeting and cladding, and are supported on reinforced concrete columns and bases. This is a mechanical, automated storage and vertical stacking system.

The project was undertaken by a joint venture consisting of Stefanutti Stocks (lead), Axsys Projects and Botani Construction.

 Notable quantities:

MBSA Body Shop project:

  • 33 000m² site area
  • 18 500m³ concrete
  • 87 primary beams
  • 328 secondary beams
  • 1 100 tons of structural steel

Building 34 Logistics Building:

  • 16 800m² building area
  • 13 000m2 concrete hardstand

J-site Logistics Building

  • 24 500m2 logistics building

ASRS Building

  • 3 000m² building area
  • 31,5m high building
  • 3 overhead bridges

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