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Assmang Limited’s Black Rock

Multidisciplinary Stefanutti Stocks has executed numerous large-scale, multi-million mining infrastructure construction projects at Assmang Limited’s Black Rock Mine. These projects include the participation of various Stefanutti Stocks Disciplines, including Roads & Earthworks, Civils, Building, and Geotechnical. The contracts include:

  • Bulk Earthworks and Civil works for The Early Works Project between November 2012 and March 2015;
  • Black Rock Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) between April 2014 and April 2016;
  • Black Rock Nchwaning Slimes Dam and Thickener Project, constructed between March 2018 and March 2019; and
  • Black Rock Gloria Slimes Dam Project, that commenced in May 2021 and is due to be completed in May 2022.

Background: Stefanutti Stocks provided a full construction solution to Assmang Limited for multi-million, multidisciplinary infrastructure construction projects, executed at the mining house’s remote Black Rock operations in Hotazel in the Northern Cape. The Black Rock mine represents one of South Africa’s largest manganese reserves. Since Stefanutti Stocks has been on site at Black Rock, it has achieved many safety milestones, including having worked in excess of 5-million lost time injury free hours since 2012.

The Project Scope

Stefanutti Stocks was the major contractor appointed for the four-year bulk earthworks and civil work for early works at Assmang’s Black Rock Project. The multidisciplinary construction scope on this project included the slipform construction of a 25m-high ROM concrete silo (view video here) , a load-out station, a product stock-pile reclaimer and stacker, associated conveyor systems, MCC buildings, all pipeline reticulation, a railway formation, multiple terrace areas, sewerage systems, parking areas, prefabricated earth retaining walls, rail installation, roadworks, piling, crushing and screening, demolition works, refurbishment of existing structures, as well as many other smaller works. This project met all key milestone dates and was delivered on time, within budget and with a LTIFR of zero. The Black Rock ECP initial scope of works was for Assmang Limited’s Northern Cape based Gloria Mine. The infrastructure was to include HDPE pipelines, lined dams, building works, road works, and a treatment plant. However, due a change in the mine requirements the scope changed to include terraces, pipelines, structural steel, building works, sewerage reticulation and the construction of temporary dams. This project met all key milestone dates and was delivered on time, within budget and with a LTIFR of zero. The Black Rock Slimes Dam and Thickener Project is another successful demonstration of excellence in execution. The project was completed in nine months, two of which were dedicated to adhering to all of the mine regulations with regard to safely mobilising and demobilising. An incredibly large area was cleared for both construction, and stockpiling of excess material. Material was then excavated, stockpiled, imported and blended in different manners to achieve the desired materials required for the dam construction. The sequencing of the project was done in a way that allowed progressive handovers for the installation of the drainage system, as well as for the lining system. The thickener project consisted of concrete, steelwork, and piping installation that had to be millimetre perfect for all the components to operate as intended. Four mobile cranes were permanently located on site, and high levels of safety were required to successfully complete all the lifting operations. This project also met all key milestone dates and was delivered on time, below budget, and with a LTIFR of zero. Notable quantities Bulk Earthworks and Civil work for Early Works

  • In excess of 2 000 000 LTIFR hours worked
  • 65 000m³ bulk earthworks
  • 108 000m³ road layer works
  • 89 000m³ crushing and screening of waste rock
  • 28 000m² block paving
  • 127ton structural steel
  • 6 000m² roof sheeting
  • 600m³ concrete
  • 32ton steel reinforcement

Black Rock ECP

  • In excess of 2 000 000 LTIFR hours worked
  • 1 800 000m³ bulk earthworks
  • 650 000m³ crushing
  • 1 000ton structural steel
  • 1 100ton reinforcement
  • 14 000m³ concrete poured
  • 45 000m² interlocking paving
  • 18 000m pipelines
  • 1 800m² MacForce retaining walls
  • 9 000m² bricks laid
  • 6 000m electrical fencing

Black Rock Nchwaning Slimes Dam and Thickener Project

  • 400 000 LTIFR hours worked
  • 250 000m² clearing
  • 600 000m³ bulk earthworks
  • 1 000m fencing
  • 3 000m pipelines
  • 140 000m² GCL liner
  • 140 000m² HDPE liner
  • 2 500m³ reinforced concrete
  • 200ton steel and piping installation

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