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Case Studies

In 2021 Stefanutti Stocks marked its fifth year of supporting the Vision 4 Change charity, bringing the total amount of eye tests the group has funded to 5 455. Of these a total of 242 of the learners were fitted with spectacles, thus supporting their ability to engage and participate within the classroom through their improved ability to see.

The charity (established in 2009) liaises between the Department of Education, public schools (often within remote or rural communities), and corporate sponsors to assist with addressing the massive challenge that weak eyesight poses to education within South African public schools. Stefanutti Stocks specifically participates in schools that are located within the communities that are local to its projects, and where the greatest need exists.

  • 2017: 1 055 eye tests were conducted at two community schools in Mpumalanga. 15 of the learners required prescription spectacles.
  • 2018: 1 549 eye tests were conducted at three schools in the Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces. 62 learners required prospection spectacles.
  • 2019: 1 025 eye tests were conducted at a North-West Province based primary school, and 76 pairs of spectacles were required.
  • 2020: 327 eye tests were conducted at a primary school in Mpumalanga, with 16 children requiring prescription spectacles.
  • 2021: 1 499 eye tests were conducted a Western Cape based primary school, with 73 children requiring prescription spectacles.

In 2021 Stefanutti Stocks financial support was used to test 1 499 Gr R – Gr 7 learners at the Sophakama Primary School, located in Dunoon in the Western Cape. Dunoon is an extremely underprivileged community, comprising mainly of black and coloured residents.

Once the primary school was identified, the principal was brought on board. Prior to the eye screening being performed, the next step was to receive signed consent forms from all parents, guardians and/or caregivers. The eye tests were then conducted by a registered optometrist in the week of 18-22 October, and any learners identified with visual impairments received further testing. The 73 learners that required prescription spectacles were fitted with their glasses on 8 November 2021. Any surplus funds from Stefanutti Stocks’ contribution will be used to replace any spectacles (on the principal’s request) that may break prior to the next planned visit.

Vision for Change were pleased to report that the project was an enormous success and made a significant impact at this school – not only by making a difference in the lives of the learners, but also enabling the educators to teach more effectively. During implementation the project incurred no challenges, COVID-19 protocols were implemented, and the testing ran smoothly. The SED initiative was very well received – both by the school and Dunoon community forum members, who were invited to participate in the physical handover of the spectacles.

In terms of the sustainability of a project like this, Vision 4 Change hopes to be able to revisit their schools on an annual basis to retest new children, and to retest to ensure learners still have viable prescriptions.

Stefanutti Stocks also hopes to continue its relationship with Vision 4 Change in close partnership with its clients, while forging closer ties with the communities within which it operates.