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Our preferential procurement objective is to facilitate access to Stefanutti Stocks’s procurement activities to enable B-BBEE suppliers to participate in the main stream of the economy. In the implementation of this objective we encourage current non-compliant B-BBEE suppliers to become B-BBEE compliant and adopt a supportive culture when engaging and/or doing business with black empowered, EME or QSE suppliers. 

We believe that the role of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) is crucial to job creation and economic growth in South Africa. 

In pursuit of the group’s preferential procurement objectives, we actively seek new vendors and give preference to B-BBEE- compliant vendors who are able to guarantee performance, quality and safety standards while delivering competitive prices. 

Our group would prefer to transact with companies in possession of a level six or better B-BBEE contributor level.

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