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Material Handling

Kangala Mine Material Handling

Client: Universal Coal

Description: Stefanutti Stocks Material Handling was awarded the contract for the construction and management of the co-disposal facility at the Kangala mine, situated just outside Delmas in the Mpumalanga province. The contract allows for the raising of the outer walls of the slurry pond with discard and coal fines. 

The original design criteria is for 44 000 ton of coarse discard and 2 700 ton of coal fines per month. The discard is placed in layers around the slurry pond and compacted to specification, thus creating the outer walls of the facility. The slurry, also known as coal fines is deposited on the inside of the discard walls and the clean water is extracted through a double penstock system, allowing the clean water to return to the water dams for re-use in the wash plant and for dust suppression.

Sector: Mining & Mine Infrastructure - material handling 

Kangala Mine Material Handling - Stefanutti Stocks
Kangala Mine Material Handling - Stefanutti Stocks
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