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Sasol’s Polypropylene Plant (PP2)

Client: Sasol, Secunda

Description: Stefanutti Stocks E&I completed the electrical and installation revamp of the PP2 unit located in Sasol’s Secunda complex. The project, entitled the C3 Expansion Project sees the capacity of the C3 process equipment increase from 300ktpa to 375ktpa.

A total of 200 kilometres of cabling and 140 instruments were installed during the project, which took place under typical Sasol shutdown conditions.
The pre-shutdown work included preparatory work; the installation of new cableways and support; the pulling in of new cable; the installation of new equipment; and switching off and removing existing equipment for refurbishment  
Shutdown work included the testing, reinstallation, reconnection, commissioning and re-integration of the refurbished equipment into the operation plant.

Sector: Industrial, Oil & Gas

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