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Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation

Temporary platforms for container terminal

Client: Beira Container Terminal

Sector: Transport Infrastructure - Marine Infrastructure

Description: The first phase entailed the complete rehabilitation of a 37 000m² container stacking platform. Phase 2 saw Stefanutti Stocks rehabilitating a further 32 000 m². The full scope of work on phase one and two included the lifting of the disintegrated old paving and sub-base materials, stockpiling this material and then crushing it using the company’s two mobile crushers that had been set up on site. The crushed material was blended with a good sub-base material before being returned to the platform where it was processed and compacted, resulting in a new temporary platform for container storage.  As the platform is a temporary one to facilitate the upgrading of the entire terminal it will be used in its compacted, processed sub-base form. 

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