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Marine Infrastructure

Stefanutti Stocks Coastal is a solutions-based marine and civil engineering construction contractor that operates throughout the coastal areas of South Africa and Africa. Our division operates from its two harbour-city based offices, with its main office situated in KwaZulu-Natal, and an operations office located in Cape Town.

We offer our clients a vast array of broad construction services, with a particular expertise in the creation and development of all types of infrastructure.

We execute our marine and civil projects through a variety of project execution models including conventional tendering, design and construct, EPC, collaboration, alliancing, and negotiated projects. Where possible we prefer to interact with our clients in the early project development stages, in order to offer pre construction engineering services, to provide construction methodology insights and to do value engineering. These enable our clients to derive maximum benefit for the contract execution.

Stefanutti Stocks Coastal's construction services include structures related to all transport infrastructure, marine and water infrastructure, industrial civils, and small and specialist civil works.

For more information on some of our niche capabilities please visit:

  1. Water infrastructure construction
  2. Marine infrastructure construction
  3. Geotechnical contracting 

We offer clients full-service packages on multidisciplinary construction projects, and where required partner with other Stefanutti Stocks divisions, with the group’s cross-border operations, and/or with our strategic enterprise development partners.

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