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Healthcare Facilities

Maun Hospital, Botswana

Client: Botswana Department of Building & Engineering Services (DBES)

Description: Stefanutti Stocks Botswana completed the construction of the 271-bed Maun Hospital in 2008. The project included a number of firsts for Botswana including the construction of the country’s first district hospital, the first time slabs were precast on site in that particular town, the first lift in a building in Maun and the first time that a revolutionary new heating and cooling process would be implemented in Africa.

The complex 2-storey building included a unique air-conditioning system that cools the structural mass of the building rather than just the air within it. This allows temperatures within the structure to be contained for up to a week before reaching uncomfortable levels with the system being switched off.
The services installed in the 26 000m² hospital have back-up installations and the hospital has the ability to sustain itself for a much longer period of time until the arrival of support crews.

Sector: Building - healthcare facility 

Maun Hospital, Botswana - Stefanutti Stocks
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