Transport Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Air and Marine)

Stefanutti Stocks has participated in the development of much of the Southern African transport infrastructure including the construction of roads, freeways and railways, as well as major national transport nodes including airport and marine infrastructure. (please visit our marine contracting website for more information).  

As a leading specialist in the construction of roads, freeways and related structures and bridges, we are able to offer advanced technical expertise including the design and construction of incrementally launched bridges.

Our transport infrastructure construction capabilities include:

  • Airports (terminals, aprons, runways);
  • Bridges and related structures (incremental launch, cantilever, box girder, segmental);
  • Railways and stations;
  • Roads and freeways (ranging from initial earthworks through to the surfacing, road marking, kerbing, recycling, upgrading);
  • Trenched optic fibre; 
  • Port and harbour facilities (including piling, quay walls, docks, breakwaters, jetties, caissons, shipyards); and
  • Structural rehabilitation and concrete repair (land and sea).

Decades of constructing land, air and sea transport infrastructure has given us an intimate insight and knowledge of the logistics involved when constructing within a fully operational transport node.

Divisions offering services to this sector:

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