Sectors of Operation

  • Building



    Stefanutti Stocks’ building construction experience in sub-Saharan Africa dates back almost seven decades. Our experience and successful track record of constructing high-quality buildings has given us unique insight into the business challenges faced in the property development sphere; in the leisure and hotel industry; and in other industrial and commercial sectors.


  • Bulk Earthworks & Geotechnical


    Bulk Earthworks & Geotechnical

    Stefanutti Stocks has provided bulk earthworks services to a range of clients across Africa for almost three decades. The group’s capabilities include bulk earthworks, blasting and excavations for construction projects ranging from roads, berms, mine infrastructure, highways, bridges, railways, causeways, trenches, dams and other water infrastructure, as well as residential, industrial and commercial buildings.


  • Energy Generation


    Energy Generation

    Stefanutti Stocks’ expertise, high standards of engineering and commitment to providing power to Africa’s communities have resulted in our involvement in many high profile energy generation projects, including the construction of Kusile and Medupi.


  • Industrial Plants, Oil & Gas


    Industrial Plants, Oil & Gas

    Stefanutti Stocks has a long and successful history of industrial construction in the sub-Saharan African heavy industrial sector, having participated in many large South African and cross-border industrial construction projects. 

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  • Mining & Mining Infrastructure


    Mining & Mining Infrastructure

    Stefanutti Stocks’ capability to offer a comprehensive cradle-to-grave construction solution to the African mining sector has resulted in its reputation as a partner of choice to this industry.

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  • Transport Infrastructure


    Transport Infrastructure

    Stefanutti Stocks has participated in the development of much of the Southern African transport infrastructure including the construction of roads, freeways and railways, as well as major national transport nodes including airport and marine infrastructure.

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  • Water, Sanitation & Pipelines


    Water, Sanitation & Pipelines

    Stefanutti Stocks’ experience within the Water, Sanitation and Pipelines sector spans the spectrum of national, regional, municipal and township infrastructure and includes institutional waste-water treatment facilities, water purification works, water storage reservoirs and stormwater.

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  • Our People


    Our People

    Stefanutti Stocks is a recognised, respected and dynamic employer of choice within the South African and Southern African construction sector. We nurture a unified business mindset and promote a culture based on our entrepreneurial spirit and the constant pursuit of excellent performance levels.

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