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The Construction & Mining business unit offers multidisciplinary construction capabilities across the full spectrum of infrastructure construction.
  • Water infrastructure: including environmental rehabilitation, water supply projects, construction and refurbishment of large dams, institutional waste-water treatment facilities, water purification works, bulk pipelines, water storage reservoirs, municipal roads and stormwater.
  • Transport infrastructure: including roads, bridges, airport terminals, aprons and runways, quay walls and breakwaters in port facilities.
  • Power generation infrastructure: including coal-fired power stations and renewable energy generation — such as wind, solar and hydro power.
  • Industrial infrastructure: including facilities, factories and industrial processing plants, smelters, glass factories, mills (steel, sugar, cement), pharmaceutical and car production facilities.
  • Petrochemical infrastructure: including new installations for the petrochemical industry (foundation, base and tank construction) as well as extensions or improvements to existing operational plants (including refineries, storage, fire protection and both land and sea offloading facilities).
  • Mining infrastructure: including decline shafts, terraces for new developments and civil infrastructure. Our Mining Services division specialises in mine residue disposal facilities and open-pit contract mining; our technical services division offers the design, development and management of mine infrastructure.
The combined capabilities of all the divisions within our Construction & Mining business unit, enable us to offer a fully-comprehensive construction service to our clients. Our niche capabilities include marine construction, as well as the design & construction of deep level foundations and lateral support solutions in the most challenging geological environments.

For more information on some of our niche capabilities please visit:

  1. Water infrastructure construction
  2. Marine infrastructure construction
  3. Geotechnical contracting 


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